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Allah Tantou (God's Will) (1991)
Allah Tantou (God's Will) (1991) The word Allah originated from Arab but Tantou is from the Mandingo dialect.

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Created: 8th Jun 2007
Modified: 19th Jun 2010
David Achkar
The word "Allah Tantou" does not mean God's Will
The word mean in madinka dialect (Prais be to God)


Allah Tantou (God's Will) (1991)

1991. 62 minutes. France and Guinea. Director: David Achkar. Documentary

In French with English subtitles. Examines the life of the filmmaker's father, a diplomat under the Sekou Toure regime, who later disappeared into the Guinean gulag. Film reevaluates the turbulent decade of African independence and discusses its relevance to the new political order on the continent.


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