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Madhinga Bucket Boy
Madhinga Bucket Boy

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Created: 20th Jan 2009
Modified: 4th Apr 2009
Mbedzi Publishing
Phil Matibe

Madhinga Bucket Boy is an unflinching lyrical chronicle, a must read of life in Rhodesia and later independent Zimbabwe.

Told through the eyes of an inquisitive black boy who grew up as a second class citizen in his own country because of racial bigotry, only to be banished as an adult for his political convictions by his so-called liberators. Contained within these pages are the real life experiences from a perspective of an African, Phil Matibe. The memories of segregated Rhodesia and of Africa in general are different, depending on the colour of one's skin. These remarkable memoirs depict Matibe growing up in a loving family amidst a brutal war of liberation, discrimination and racial inequality. Matibe lived through it all with a sense of a humour, adventure and resilience, emerging without prejudice.

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