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Cape Verde: Crioulo Colony To Independent Nation
Cape Verde: Crioulo Colony To Independent Nation

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Created: 22nd Jul 2008
Modified: 22nd Jul 2008
Cape Verde
Richard A. Lobban
West view Press
The Cape Verde Islands are located off the coast of Senegal, were first settled during the Portuguese Age of Discovery in the fifteenth century.  Dr. Richard Lobban outlines Cape Verde’s complex history over five centuries, beginning with its role in the slave trade, the years under Portuguese colonial administration and its protracted armed struggle on the Guinea coast for national independence. Dr. Lobban offers a rich ethnography of the islands, exploring the diverse heritage of Cape Verdeans who have descended from Africans, Europeans, and Luso-Africans. Looking at economics and politics, Lobban reflects on Cape Verde’s efforts to achieve economic growth and development, analyzing the move from colonialism to state socialism and on to a privatized market economy built around tourism, fishing, small-scale mining, and agricultural production. He then chronicles Cape Verde’s peaceful transition from one-party rule to elections and political pluralism. He concludes with an overview of the prospects for this tiny oceanic nation on a pathway to development.