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Angola : Bay Of Tigers: An Odyssey Through War-Torn Angola (2003)
Bay Of Tigers: An Odyssey Through War-Torn Angola (2003)

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Created: 14th May 2007
Modified: 4th Sep 2008
Pedro Rosa Mendes and Clifford Landers

Bay of Tigers: An Odyssey through War-torn Angola (Non-Fiction)
by Pedro Rosa Mendes, Clifford Landers

Harcourt (May 1, 2003)


In 1997, Pedro Rosa Mendes traveled across Africa. In war-torn Angola, a country where land mines outnumber people, Mendes found long lines of villagers waiting for shock treatment to neutralize the phantom pain in amputated limbs, an apothecary's tent purveying boiled mucumbi bark to combat scurvy lesions in the mouth, and trains crowded with people eating salted fish and drinking beer, swapping tales of local sorcerers who can turn into snakes. He interviewed international relief workers and corrupt local officials, widows and orphans, soldiers and survivors, piecing together a rich portrait no history or travel book can match.

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