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Madagascar : Parc National de L'Isalo
Parc National de L'Isalo

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Created: 25th Jul 2008
Modified: 25th Jul 2008
The flat grassy plains are broken up abruptly by towering sandstone massifs perfectly sculpted by wind and water into gorges and bluffs. Considered one of the country's most spectacular regions is perfect for overnight hiking, rock hopping along canyons and spotting lemurs.

It is best to visit during the cooler months (April-October) when walking is more comfortable and pachypodiums and periwinkles are in flower on the rock faces.

Official guides are compulsory for visits and the fees are dependent on the length of the trek. All trails start and finish in Ranohira and range from 1-7 days in length. Two popular short trips are a day walk to Canyon des Singes and Piscine Naturelle, where you can swim in cool water.
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