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All international flights arrive in either Johannesburg or Cape Town. While Jo'burg (or Jozi, as it's affectionately known by locals) is a shopper's delight, it offers very little in terms of tourist attractions other than Soweto tours and the (very impressive) Apartheid Museum, it is the gateway to the Kruger National Park and other eastern destinations, such as the Drakensberg Mountains, Durban or the southeastern KwaZulu-Natal coast (known for great scuba diving). However, Cape Town is only a two-hour flight from Jo'burg (and cheap if booked early on a domestic airline), so it is often better to fly directly into Jo'burg even if it is not a stop on your itinerary. There are a variety of local airlines - all of which can be accessed online, they include South African Airways, Comair/British Airways, Kalulua.com, One Time, Nationwide and Mango Airlines.

Baz Bus

Budget travelers and backpacker should know about the ?Baz Bus', which will drop off and pick up riders at numerous hostels across the country.

All you need is one ticket to your final destination and you can hop on and off as often as you like along the route. We drop you off and pick you up from your backpacking hostel or lodge! There is an amazing variety of backpacker hostels and budget accommodation offered in South Africa and Baz Bus will drop you off at over 200 of them.

Baz Bus is for all backpackers and the young at heart. We strive to be an enjoyable and friendly bus company where you can meet great people on the busses and still have the independence to do whatever activities you wish to along the route.

With over 40 towns/cities/villages for backpackers to choose from, there will never be a dull moment!! Baz Bus experience can help you become a better beach bum, adrenaline junkie, culture vulture, wildlife fundi, party animal or a bit of all.

Baz Bus is completely flexible: You choose where you want to visit and how long you want to stay.

Convenient backpacking: There are over 180 backpacking hostels & lodges to select from and more than 40 cities, towns or villages to visit en route.
7, 17 and 21 day travel passes available
Contact: Reservations Telephone: +27 (0) 21 439 - 2323

Travel by Plane
South African Tourism,

South Africa has ten principle airports: international airports in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban and seven domestic airports in Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, East London, George, Kimberley, Upington and Pilanesberg.

More than half a dozen airlines operate domestic services, as do several charter companies. South African Airways, South African Express, British Airways (operated by Comair), Nationwide and Airlink fly between various urban areas, and Kulula.com, 1time and Mango ply the crowded routes between the major cities of Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town and the smaller destinations of Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit and George.

The rule for domestic flights is to arrive at the airport an hour before departure.