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  • Official Name: United Republic of Tanzania
  • Government Type: Republic
  • Capital: Dodoma
  • Other Major Cities/Regions: Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Bagamoyo, Zanzibar Island
  • Size: 945,087 sq km (total) slightly larger than twice the size of California
  • Climate: Varies from tropical along coast to temperate in highlands
  • Terrain: Plains along coast; central plateau; highlands in north, south
  • Population: 37,445,392
  • Ethnic Group: Mainland - African 99% (of which 95% are Bantu consisting of more than 130 tribes), other 1% (consisting of Asian, European, and Arab); Zanzibar - Arab, African, mixed Arab and African
  • Religion:mainland - Christian 30%, Muslim 35%, indigenous beliefs 35%; Zanzibar - more than 99% Muslim
  • Languages: Kiswahili or Swahili (official), Kiunguja (name for Swahili in Zanzibar), English (official, primary language of commerce, administration, and higher education), Arabic (widely spoken in Zanzibar), many local languages

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