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Philani Mhlanga

South Africa

A Zimbabwean singer-songwriter, musician and social activist.

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Created: 15th Sep 2014
Modified: 17th Aug 2015
Professional Information

Biographical Information
Philani Mhlanga
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Jan/31/1986
Gender: male
  7 Sunwood Grove Road
  City: Claremont, Cape Town
Tel: 0787607123
Place of Origin: Zimbabwe

Philani Mhlanga, popularly known as Phitso. He is a Zimbabwean singer-songwriter, musician and social activist. He is best recognized as the front man of the Harare based group the GX with whom he produced an album called DREAM AGAIN(zvinoita). Philani was born at St Peters Hospital in Checheche, Chipinge District, Zimbabwe.


Philani has released an album titled DREAM AGAINzvinoita.

Other Accomplishments:

1 Album titled DREAM AGAINzvinoita.

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