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Simon Ochieng

Born in Kenya of Sudan Parents but NOW is South Sudan afer the independence in the year 2011, and currently a Bachelor in Science Degree holder and resides in Kansas City, MO USA.

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Created: 6th Sep 2012
Modified: 6th Sep 2012
Professional Information
Sprint-Nextel Wireless communication
Escalation Supervisor

Biographical Information
Simon Ochieng
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Jun/16/1975
Gender: male
Tel: 816-337-5995
Website: http://www.eSu...
Place of Origin: Sudan

Other Accomplishments:

Owned and operate the Travel Agency, www.eSurfari.com to assist the African Diaspora and connect them with the current expansion of development of Africa and to make the Motherland achieve its Millenium Development Goals to a player in the 21st Century Global affairs.


Visit www.eSurfari.com and discover a world of inter-connected Travel Agency that will take to from Algeria to Zimbabwe by Air through our Diaspora discount offerings.

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