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Pascale SZTUM is a cross-cultural management trainer and researcher. She has worked in a large number of African countries over the last 19 years.

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Created: 15th Apr 2011
Modified: 15th Apr 2011
Professional Information
Professional Areas:
Working With Africans.com
Founder and principal trainer

Description of Work:

Working With Africans is a firm whose core business is to train people assigned to work in different countries. We assess each trainee's cultural profile and determine the extent to which the person has to adjut behaviors, attitude and communication to work and socialise respectfully in a specific African country.

We train both individuals and groups working in a variety of sectors: development, trade, investment, education and research.

More details on our activities can be found on www.workingwithafricans.com

The blog is also a forum for these working in different part of Africa can share information and benefit from others' experience;

Biographical Information
Pascale SZTUM
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Gender: female
Website: http://www.wor...
Place of Origin: Europe

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