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Hejer Charf


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Created: 16th Aug 2010
Modified: 16th Aug 2010
Professional Information
Nadja Productions

Description of Work:

 Director, Producer, Screenwriter

Biographical Information
Hejer Charf
(At a Glance)
Gender: female
  City: Montreal Canada
Website: http://www.hej...
Place of Origin: Tunisia

Hejer Charf was born in Tunisia, she is a Canadian director and producer. She lives in Montreal where she started NADJA Productions Inc. in 1996. A company that produces  independent auteur films.
She wrote, produced and directed LES PASSEURS that received the PEACE SEAL OF FLORENCE, Italy.
She directed the short films among them: The music lover, Fatma's hand, Tracing my curse, Wonderful World, The Swimmer, Transitory lives, The Lord is the Lord, Noun, Girls mutilated, I am the future of your memory and Stoning Women. 
She directed documentaries, among them: Anna Karina, Lebanon(s), what futures?,  Arab Women in Quebec.
She produced the musical shows of Godard actress Anna Karina and Philippe Katerine in Canada. Hejer Charf produced the road-movie Victoria, written, directed and starring Anna Karina. The film's score is by Philippe Katerine. Her films are always poetic and subtle. They deal with freedom, social justice, dialogues between cultures and religions.
Hejer Charf's films take place mostly in Canada and in U.S.A www.hejercharf.com



Hejer Charf received The Seal Peace Of Florence, Italy for her film Les Passeurs.


There are several articles and studies about Hejer Charf work, in The French Reviews, in universities (most American). Read this Canadian study about her films by Professor Mair Verthuy: http://fanset8.blogspot.com/2010/02/activism-takes-many-forms-work-of-hejer.html

Other Accomplishments:

Hejer Charf also writes articles for Canadian magazines: http://www.tolerance.ca/Article.aspx?ID=81915&L=fr


 Hejer Charf produced the film Victoria written, directed and starring the legendary Godard actress Anna Karina.

She also produced directed several films:  Les Passeurs , Anna Karina, The music lover, Tracing my curse, Wonderful World, The Swimmer, Fatma's hand, Transitory lives, The Lord is the Lord, Noun, Girls mutilated, I am the future of your memory and Stoning Women. 

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