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Ibrahim Lipumba


Tanzanian economist and politician. Lipumba is also the Chairman of the Civic United Front.

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Created: 10th Aug 2010
Modified: 12th Aug 2010
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Biographical Information
Ibrahim Lipumba
(At a Glance)
Place of Origin: Tanzania

Ibrahim Lipumba is an economist and politician.

Lipumba earned his Doctorate in Economics from Stanford University (1983). He also holds an M.A. from Stanford University. His undergradute studies were completed at the University of Dar es Salaam.

Lipumba's interests in the field economics include international trade and finance, macroeconomics and development economics and agricultural economics. His expertise led him to serve as a economic advisor to several governments including Uganda and Tanzania. He served as an economic advisor to the Ugandan government from the late 1980s to 1990s.

Additionally,Lipumba works in the field of education. He has taught as a university professor at institutions in Tanzania, the United States and Europe.

Lipumba has served as the head of the Civic United Front (CUF), an opposition party since 1995. As the leader of CUF, Lipumba has ran for presidental office twice (1995 and 2000).

Lipumba will be running in Tanzania's presidental elections which are set to take place in October 2010.


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