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John Godson

Hon. John Abraham Godson is an elected city councillor in the Lord City Council of Poland.

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Created: 7th Jul 2010
Modified: 15th Aug 2010
Professional Information
Lodz City Council

Description of Work:

- Elected City councillor, Lodz City Council of Poland.

- Doctoral research fellow, Faculty of Management, University of Lodz Poland.

- Special adviser on development and international cooperation, Lodz Regional Park of Science and Technology, Poland.

- President, The African Institute, Poland.

- Special adviser to the Polish government of racial issues.

Biographical Information
John Godson
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Nov/25/1970
Gender: male
  City: Lodz, Poland
Tel: +48698854777
Website: http://www.god...
Place of Origin: Nigeria

Hon. John Abraham Godson went to Poland in 1993 as a missionary with IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students). He is also a doctoral research fellow with the University of Lodz Poland (Faculty of Management). He has served as the deputy chair of the Olechow-Janow district council. he is presently serving as the first black city councillor of the Lodz City Council of Poland. He is also a special adviser to the Polish government on racial issues.


- Author of 3 books.

- Websites- www.godson.pl, www.johngodson.pl,

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