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Kennedy Kalonji
Kennedy Kalonji

South Africa

I like to be on contact with organisaation .maybe I will get help

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Created: 10th Feb 2010
Modified: 10th Feb 2010
Professional Information
Professional Areas:
Focklift drive
Working primarily in:
South Africa

Description of Work:

I 'm drive I like my work and I will work any place for focklift drive

Biographical Information
Kennedy Kalonji
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: Jul/26/1976
Gender: male
  304 boston Voortrekker Road belleville
  304 boston voortrekker Road Belleville
  City: Cape town
Tel: 0829642173
Website: http://www.non...
Place of Origin: Congo-Kinshasa

I 'm Refugee in south africa

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