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Rejoice Thizwilondi Mabudafhasi

South Africa

Deputy Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs

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Created: 14th May 2009
Modified: 14th May 2009
Professional Information
Professional Areas:
Government of South Africa
Deputy Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs
Working primarily in:
South Africa

Biographical Information
Rejoice Thizwilondi Mabudafhasi
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: May/23/1943
Gender: female
Place of Origin: South Africa

Current Positions

    * Deputy Minister of Water Environmental Affairs of the Republic of South Africa since 11 May 2009.
    * Member of National Executive Council (NEC) of African National Congress (ANC) since December 2007.
    * Chairperson of the Mvula Trust Board since 1997.
    * Co-Chair of the Global Network of Women Ministers and Leaders of Environment since 2004.

Career/Positions/Memberships/Other Activities

    * Teacher at Tshilidzi School, Soweto (1962 - 1963).
    * Librarian at the University of the North (1965 - 1994).
    * Secretary: United Democratic Front N.Transvaal(UDF) (1983 - 1986).
    * Member and organiser of the Federation of Transvaal Women (FEDTRAW) (1983 - 1986).
    * Founder Member and National Organiser of the National Education Co-ordination Committee (1985 - 1986).
    * Organised rural women on various self-help projects such as gardening, etc (1985 - 1986).
    * Commissioner for the Human Rights Commission (1990 - 1992).
    * National Treasurer of the National Education Health and Allied Union (NEHAWU) and COSATU affiliate (1992 - 1994).
    * Member of the Council of the University of the North (1992 - 1994).
    * Member of the International Committee on Business Partners for Development of Water and Sanitation (1998 - 1999).
    * Deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism of the Republic of South Africa (17 June 1999 - 10 May 2009.

Source: Deputy Ministry of Environmental Affairs and Tourism

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