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Penehupifo Pohamba


First Lady of Namibia

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Created: 22nd Apr 2009
Modified: 22nd Apr 2009
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Penehupifo Pohamba
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Gender: female

Her Excellency Mrs. Penehupifo Pohamba has been First Lady of Namibia since her husband President Hifikepunye Pohamba took office in March 2005. In her tenure as First Lady, she has advocated for the empowerment of women to enable them to make a meaningful contribution to the development of society and has fought for the eradication of violence and other forms of injustice against women. She has also been active in supporting maternal and child health-care,
and also in the fight against HIV/AIDS. In July 2006, she was elected Vice-President for the Southern Africa Development Committee (SADC). Mrs. Pohamba was trained in midwifery both in Tanzania and Jamaica and practiced as a midwife and as a registered nurse up until she became First Lady.

Source: http://leadershipforhealth.org

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