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Akwasi Nyarkoh
Akwasi Nyarkoh

Program Coordinator Abibirim Radio http://abibirim.com/

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Created: 17th Dec 2008
Modified: 19th Dec 2008
Professional Information
Abibirim Network
Program Coordinator

Description of Work:

Abibirim Network at http://abibirim.com/

Abibirim Network is a newly established NGO based in Worcester, MA, USA. It is a network of African professionals who are using the internet as a common platform to address community issues among Africans living in the Diaspora. Our philosophy is to provide a common platform for:

  • assisting communities to create an environment that understands, respects and appreciates multiculturalism
  • supporting  sustainable developments programs and, changes affecting governance;
  • promoting study abroad programs to empower international students to take control of their education and, alleviate cultural shocks;
  • promoting African culture in schools, churches and other social or professional gatherings;
  • discussing social and welfare issues of African families

 Our programs are streamed live at http://abibirim.com/


Biographical Information
Akwasi Nyarkoh
(At a Glance)
Date of Birth: //
Place of Origin: Ghana

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