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Dr. Mudawi El-Turabi


Dr. Mudawi El-Turabi is a memeber of the National Assembly of Sudan.

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Created: 30th Jun 2008
Modified: 30th Jun 2008
Professional Information
Professional Areas:
Government of Sudan
Member of the National Assembly
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Description of Work:
Dr. Mudawi El-Turabi is a member of the National Assembly of Sudan. He has served many posts abroad for the government of Sudan. Currently he serves on the Subcommittee of Defense and Security of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives. The National Assembly is the lower house of the parliment of Sudan since the country is currently in a transition period following the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) on 9 January 2005. The agreement officially ended the civil war between the Sudanese government and the Southern-based Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPL/M) rebel group.
Biographical Information
Dr. Mudawi El-Turabi
(At a Glance)
Gender: male
Place of Origin: Sudan
Dr. Mudawi El-Turabi has a BSc in Economics and a Ph.D in Political Science. He has served positions at the United States Institute of Peace, the International Institute of Strategic Studies, the Council for the Advance of Arab British Understanding (CAABU) and the Democracy Research Center at Oxford.

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