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Angola : Cabinda Separatists

Mission Statement
An alliance of separatist groups demanding independence for Cabinda, a province of Angola.
Organization Contacts
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Organization Details

The Cabinda Seperatists is comprised of several seperatist groups seeking the independence of Cabinda, a province of Angola. This piece of land is seperated from the country by a strip of land owned by the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Cabinda, despite it's small size, is of great importance because it harbors oilfield crucial to Angola's output.

Cabinda Seperatists claim that Cabinda is distinct from Angola not only in the Cabinda people's identity but also in their history and culture.

Seperatist groups started in the 1990s with the joining of seperatist groups including the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda (MLEC) and the Action Committee of the Cabinda National Union (CAUNC) . Together, they formed the Front of the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda (FLEC). The Cabinda Seperatists currently includes a reported 12 groups.  The historic Chairman of FLEC is Nzita Tiago based in Paris.

(Information found on aljazeera.net)