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Cameroon : Mus'Art Gallery - Grass-fields arts museum Cameroon

Mission Statement
Musa Heritage Gallery shortened Mus'Art is a museum created in 1996 in memory of Cameroonian artists Daniel Kanjo Musa and his elder son, John, to preserve wood sculptures by these departed artists. Over the years, Mus'Art Gallery has been expanding to diversify its collection. Over 400 objects are exhibited, including masks, wooden statues, traditional musical instruments, pottery, basketry, hunting gadgets and traditional metal works, all collected in the Grass-fields region (North-West of Cameroon).

Visit their site: www.musartgallery.org

HeadQuarters: Bamfem Quarter P.O Box 21 Kumbo North West Region Cameroon.
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One of the first goals of Mus'Art Gallery is to collect works of art to preserve them. Due to a lack of adapted infrastructures, the richness of the Grass-fields artistic heritage is threatened by degradation, and eventually by extinction. Mus'Art Gallery tries, as far as its funds permit it, to compensate for these threats by offering its collections the treatment they deserve, for a durable conservation. The other main mission of Mus'Art Gallery is the spread of this heritage among both local people and foreigners. Mus'Art Gallery tries its best to become a place for exchanges and education, a place where discovering the works of art open the path for a better understanding of history and traditions from the Grass-fields region. Guided visits are proposed, a special prices policy has been set up for Cameroonians, and partnerships have been established with schools, in order to give the opportunity for pupils to familiarize with their roots, but also with the world of artistic creation. Temporary exhibitions are also proposed, like for instance, the photographic exhibition "1000 Peace Women across the globe", inaugurated by the Swiss consul general in Cameroon, in 2007. In any case, cultural democratization is a core value of Mus'Art Gallery. Generally speaking, Mus'Art Gallery aims to evolve in order to become the cultural centre needed by Kumbo, as well as a leader in heritage preservation, including arts, music and crafts.

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