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Mission Statement
NuVsionPAC empowers Africa’s youth to create socio-political and economic institutional change through grassroots mobilization of youth skills and service-training, provision of access to employment opportunities, and moral development through civic engagement.

Visit their site: www.nuvsionpac.com

HeadQuarters: P.O. Box 620563 Charlotte NC 28262
Organization Contacts
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Organization Details

NuVsionPAC is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit and non-partisan political and socially driven grassroots movement inspired and founded by African youth activist Benjamin Sanvee.NuVsionPAC became a proactive response to a call for action, believing that the torch has finally been passed on to this generation of young visionaries. Under this undertaking, Africa’s youth are called out to accept “hard work and perseverance”, as the tool for harnessing our political capital; and wage a more effective war on poverty and corruption. Our strength comes from the renewed interest that has been generated across Africa for change. We believe that promoting human rights, and supporting policies that will ensure strong education, viable healthcare, economic security, while encouraging social awareness, will ensure political stability that will lead to the effective empowerment of Africa’s youth.


NuVsionPAC works to encourage the grassroots participation of Africa’s youth in the socio-political process by five strategic means:


Organize:  NuVsionPAC works to consolidate the socio-political and intellectual capital of Africa’s youth to become stakeholders of their future through a peaceful non-partisan approach. We also organize young professional Africans in the Diaspora along with friends of Africa in an interactive atmosphere through conferences, debates, workshops, and social networking to encourage dialogue about compelling issues facing the African Continent. 


Educate: NuVsionPAC educates stakeholders in the political process via civic action, voter education, and grassroots outreach to enhance their political and social consciousness. 


Advocate:  NuVsionPAC empowers Young Africans to become advocates for solutions to issues affecting their communities by actively engaging their peers, leaders, and policy makers. 

Implement:  NuVsionPAC supports Young Africans instituting socio-political change from the bottom up, by implementing programs and initiatives that have a positive impact at local and national levels.


Collaborate: NuVsionPAC forms partnerships at local, national, and international levels to build a bridge of cooperation between young leaders in Africa and friends of Africa.






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