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Namibia : United Democratic Front (UDF)

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The United Democratic Front is a political party in Namibia. Justus GaroŽb is the party's leader. Electoral History The UDF received 37,874 votes (5.65%) in the 1989 election, which elected members to the Constituent Assembly of Namibia. The Constituent Assembly elected the first President and wrote Namibia's constitution. From the UDF, President Justus GaroŽb, Reggie Diergaardt, Eric Biwa and Theophelus Soroseb were chosen for the assembly. The UDF won one seat in the 1992 elections for the National Council of Namibia. In 1994, electoral support for the party diminished in both relative and total support. The party received 13,309 total votes (2.72% of the national vote). Two UDF members were elected to the National Assembly (GaroŽb and Biwa). The party retained its single seat in the National Council in 1998. Following the 1999 parliamentary election, the UDF formed a coalition with the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance (DTA) so that the two parties could together be the Official Opposition despite the Congress of Democrats receiving the second highest number of votes. In the parliamentary election held on November 15 and 16, 2004, the party won 3.5% of popular votes and 3 out of 78 seats 1. More than half (16,081 of 29,336 total votes) of the party's electoral support came from Khomas Region, Kunene Region and Otjozondjupa Region, with the single largest total coming from Kunene. The party again retained its single seat in the National Council in 2004. Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Democratic_Front_(Namibia)