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Third World Network-Africa (TWN-Africa)

Visit their site: www.twnafrica.org

HeadQuarters: 9 Ollenu Street (near McLean Hotel); P.O. Box 19452, Accra-North, Ghana
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TWN-Africa, a non-governmental organization based in Ghana, conducts research on issues of social and economic policy. TWN advocates on behalf of the needs and interests of peoples of African and other third world countries (especially marginalized social groups), a fair distribution of world's resources, and forms of development which are sustainable and fulfill human needs. Some of its recent publications are: "The Role of the State in Development in the SADC Region: Does NEPAD Provide a New Paradigm?", "Alternative Views on Development and Confronting the Digital Divide: An Interrogation of the African Initiatives at Bridging the Gap," and "Can African Institutions Finance African Development?"
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