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United States : Solstice Renewable Energy Policy Project info@repp.org

Visit their site: www.repp.org

Organization Contacts
  • Telephone: 202-293-2898
  • Email: dkostiuk@repp.org
  • Fax: 202-293-5857
  • Contact Person/Office: Contact Person Damian Kostiuk 1612 K Street, NW Suite 202 Washington, DC 20006

Organization Details
Since 1994 Solstice, now simply CREST, has been a pioneering force publishing information about renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability available on the Internet. These efforts began before most people even had e-mail, let alone web sites and before words like ãsustainable developmentä had become commonplace. In its efforts to spread the word about renewables and the environment, CREST brought over 70 other organization on-line; creating a virtual community and an unprecedented resource in the process.
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