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La Résidence Ylang Ylang
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Created: 23rd Jul 2008
Modified: 23rd Jul 2008
Hachimiya Ahamada

Somewher on the Comoros Islands is a house at the the top of a village houses await the return of the owners; expatriates in France.  Djibril spends spends his time taking care of his brother's house at the top of this village.  One day the houses at the bottom of the village are ravaged by a fire; Djirbril's house included. Homeless, he must find a place to live.

director : Hachimiya Ahamada
screenplay : Hachimiya Ahamada
 cinematography : Claire Mathon
sound : Katia Madaule
 editing : Thomas Marchand
production design : Napalo
 music : Nawal

Released in 2008 and Produced in France