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My Book Of Chrymes by Wilfred Kanu, Jr (aka) Freddy Will

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Created: 19th Oct 2010
Modified: 19th Oct 2010
Soul Asylum Poetry & Publishing/Freddy Will Publishing

†† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † My Book of Chrymes
†† † † † † † † † † † † † † †Wilfred Kanu Jr. (aka) Freddy Will

My Book of Chrymes†is a non-fiction chronicle of the abrasive experiences of independent recording artist and author, Freddy Willô, whose real name is Wilfred Kanu, Jr. This book unearthed intense moments of his life that inspired gritty lyrics which are intrinsically woven into his new album,†While Iím Still Young Ė The Talking Drums 1.2v

Ultimately cast into the streets of West Africa and the United States of America, Freddy Will talks about his hustle and how he got trained in phlebotomy. In Africa, he found solace in reggae playing ghetto slums where his involvement in music drew lifelong friendships that were nurtured from the most unexpected places. While living in Freetown, Sierra Leone, his parents who were living in New Jersey, USA made a radical intervention that spared him from the wrath of the latter vendettas of the genocidal civil war but not before him was exposed to guns, drugs and violence.

Freddy Willís refugee experiences that started in Sierra Leone, continued throughout places like the tropical paradise of The Gambia and Dakar, Senegal and only ended with a long awaited reunion in New Jersey where racism would mimic tribalism. Turning to the streets of New Jersey taught him new lessons. Freddy Will wrote lyrics with a dream that seemed unattainable, until a chance encounter in Canada changed everything. . .

Trade paperback - approx. 200 pages b&w; includes photographs and lyrics from†While Iím Still Young - The Talking Drums - 1.2v.

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