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Created: 21st May 2012
Modified: 21st May 2012
40% expensive


Goldenscape landscape architects and interior designers is a private limited company (Plc) incorporated and registered in Kenya under that Kenya company registration laws. the company was registered in 2008 under another business name and later rehanged to horizons scape architects , the company upon its registration in 2008 it went underground and off limelight due to financial constraints which made the proprietors to opt for financial assistance available and willing donors outside the circle to facilitate smooth running of the company , in that pursuit to proprietors partnered 60%-40% unequal partnership shareholding the later being for the new found shareholders from united states who had shown the interest in the company and the precedent being for the proprietors themselves under new partnership the company moved its base in California to strengthen the new found partnership and sourcing of new projects.


Goldenscape landscape architects (Kenya) Ltd is a one of the leading landscape architects and designing services and also the providers of flowers ornamental s and suppliers of the most beautiful flower vases.
Goldenscape Architects has established a reputation of high reliability you can trust in which we have taken a new approach in handling all our clients properties and landscaping matters offering satisfactory and immediate solutions using the very latest style and methodologies in landscaping from united kingdom and united states
we specialize in making your property a special environment whether you are looking for a special area of tranquility ,solitude or something exotic we can design it for you.
Golden scape architects has the craftsmanship and the knowledge to enhance the landscape of your residential or commercial property in which landscaping being our passion we offer unprecedented levels of reliable services, knowledge and project integrity to create aesthetic and breathtaking outdoor spaces.
AutoCAD and Dynascape are the two programs our certified design team will use to present professional landscape drawings to you. these drawings consists of colored paintings and concepts plans to give a clear idea of proposed plant materials along with scale drawings that make estimating quantities a measuring breeze.

With our unique knowledge and experience in landscape designing and architectural drawings and communications in the infrastructure surrounding we come up with a complete portfolio of the area to be designed , creating a unique competitive edge and skills for our customers and partners


Goldenscpae architects has the craftsmanship to enhance your landscape be it residential or commercial property. this gives our customers the upper hand in landscape designing services solution.


Goldenscape architects portfolio is constantly evolving and our goal is to keep a range of services upgrading each day in the world of innovation and day to day invention pf styles and methodologies in landscaping , with market leading functionality and ensures maximum competitiveness.
Goldenscape architects have strong focus in landscaping combined with standards increases values and life of our customers investment in landscaping but also provide another important fact or future proofing on usually large investment in landscaping.
Golden scape architects operates in some parts of America and some countries in in Africa our focus being so much in Kenya. in those countries so far the company have managed to to penetrate and has during its operations delivered a number of groundbreaking , breathtaking and revolutionary landscape services solutions with our niche.
Goldenscape provides a comprehensive range of services either a single point of accountability that promotes the rapid return on investments and low total cost of ownership whether operating business on a local regional or global scale.


Landscaping services range from initial consulting and project management to landscaping planning site acquisition, civil works integration and commissioning Goldenscape architects offers integrated services from concept to live operations


Goldenscape architects hands on project management process brings our full expertise to each project with expertise staff we optimize communication and resource usage to turn plans into reality
the key to success in project management is to build on experiences from previous roll outs while accounting for local differences.


Goldenscape architects has a great track record from preliminary market planning and site identification to lease acquisition, governing agency approvals and assurance of final permits local knowledge and proactive local staff combined with experienced managers are key factors to success in the site acquisition


site development is one of the Goldenscape architects strongest areas and we have trained and experienced landscape architects in all aspects of the site development , landscaping process from initial site consructability assessments to job close out.

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if looking and searching for high quality and experienced landscpae architects look no further please visit our website choose your design and then contact us

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