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Sunbury Bed and Breakfast
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Created: 13th May 2010
Modified: 13th May 2010
South Africa
20% expensive

Value Rating: ****

We've always love Johannesburg, affectionately called "Jozi," but travel guides do a great job at scaring the bejeezus out of anyone planning a visit. We heard it before visiting Nairobi, Kenya,"don't step out at night -- in fact, don't go anywhere without a taxi..." Yada, Yada, Yada. So, we splurged on a quaint bed and breakfast on Sunbury street, in the heart of the bohemian town of Melville. Melville is full of alternative shops, two used bookstores, loads of pubs, and even a burrito barn. All these places were in convenient walking distance from the B & B, including the Campus Square mall which has a terrific Truworths grocery store, internet cafe, and a convenient post office. What we loved most about the B & B was the large kitchen for us to cook. We did a week binge of zero restaurants, cooking two meals a day, and enjoying the free wifi, free laundry, and even some free taxi rides (ask Christina to hook you up with a driver named Derick). They have several rooms which range in prices -- we paid approximately $45 dollars a night (great value for being so close to the city) -- and it included a private bathroom and a nice breakfast.

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