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CIA World Fact Book,

  • Official Name: Republic of the Congo
  • Government Type: Republic
  • Capital: Brazzaville
  • Other Major Cities/Regions: Madingo-Kayes, Loubomo, Kayes, Oyo, Mossendjo, Awondo, Ouesso, Impfondo
  • Size: 342,000sqkm
  • Climate: Tropical
  • Terrain: coastal plain, southern basin, central plateau, northern basin
  • Population: 3,800,000
  • Ethnic Groups: Kongo 48%, Sangha 20%, M'Bochi 12%, Teke 17%, Europeans and other 3%
  • Religion: Christian 50%, animist 48%, Muslim 2%
  • Language: French is the official language, Lingala and Monokituba are the lingua francas, many other local languages and dialects

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